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tv   1968 Humphrey Acceptance Speech  CSPAN  July 3, 2016 10:44am-11:24am EDT

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>> wrote to the white house rewind continues with hubert humphrey accepting his party's presidential nomination at the 1968 democratic convention in chicago. the primary season was a turbulent one for the democrats with president lyndon johnson dropping out of the race and senator robert kennedy's assassination. violent demonstrations outside the convention hall overshadow the proceedings as anti-vietnam war protesters clashed with police and the national guard. vice president humphrey lost to republican richard nixon in a close general election with less than 1% of the popular vote separating the two. independent candidate george wallace finished third in the race. this portion of the speech is just under 40 minutes. our coverage is from nbc news. ♪ mr. chairman,y:
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mr. chairman, my fellow americans, my fellow democrats, i proudly accept the nomination of our party. [applause] hubert humphrey: this moment, this moment is one of personal pride and gratification, yet one
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cannot help but reflect the deep sadness that we feel over the troubles which have erupted and the violence which have erupted regrettably and tragically in the streets of this great city. and for the personal injuries which have occurred. [applause] hubert humphrey: surely, we have now learned the lessons that violence breeds counter violence , and it cannot be condoned of whatever the source. [applause]
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hubert humphrey: i know that every delegate to this convention shares tonight my sorrow and my distress over these incidents. for just one moment in sober reflection and serious purpose, may we just quietly and , each in our own way, pray for our country and may we just share for a of those immortal words of the prayer of st. francis, words which i think
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may help heal the wounds, ease the pain, and lift our hearts. listen to this immortal saint. where there is hatred, let me sow love. where there is injury, part and. -- pardon. where there is doubt, faith. where there is despair, hope. where there is darkness, light. those are the words of a saint. made those of us blessed. us of lesse of
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purity listen to them well. may america tonight resolved that never, never again shall we see what we have seen. [applause] hubert humphrey: yes, i accept your nomination and the spirit that i have spoken. knowing that the months and years ahead will severely test our america, and might i say as this america is tested, that once again, we give our
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and i do to america, not think it is sentimental, nor is it cheap, but i think it is true that each and every one of us in our own way should once again reaffirm to ourselves and our prosperity that we love this nation. we love america. [applause] hubert humphrey: but take heart, my fellow americans. this is not the first time that our nation has faced a challenge to its life and its purpose. and each time that we've had to face these challenges, we have a emerged with new greatness and
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with new strength. we must make this moment of crisis, we must make it a moment of creation. [applause] as it has been: said, in the worst of times, a great people must do the best of things, and let us do it. [applause] hubert humphrey: we stand at such a moment now in the affairs of this nation because, my fellow americans, something new, something different has happened. there is an end of an era of and , and there is the beginning of
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a new day. [applause] hubert humphrey: and it is the special genius of the democratic party that it welcomes change , not as an enemy, but as an ally. not as a force to be suppressed but as an instrument of progress , to be encouraged. this week, our party has debated the great issues before america in this very hall. and had we not raise these issues, troublesome as they were, we would have ignored the reality of change. had we just papered over the differences between us with empty platitudes instead of frank hard debate we would , deserve the content of our fellow citizens and the
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condemnation of history. [applause] hubert humphrey: yes, we dare to speak out, and we have heard hard and sometimes bitter debate, but i submit that this debate and this is the work of a free people, the work and opened convention and the work of a political party responsive to the needs of this nation. [applause] hubert humphrey: democracy affords debate, discussion, and dissent, but my fellow americans, it also requires decision, and we have decided
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but by vote,edict, not by force, but by ballot. [applause] majority rules: has prevailed but minority , rights are preserved. [applause] hubert humphrey: there is always the temptation, always the temptation to leave the scene of battle in anger and despair, but those who know the true meaning democracy accept the decision of today, but never relinquishing their right to changing it tomorrow. [applause]
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hubert humphrey: in the space of about a week, this convention has literally laid the foundations of the new democratic party structure in america. from precinct level to the floor of this convention, we have revolutionized our rules and our procedures. [applause] hubert humphrey: and that revolution is and the proud tradition of our party. it is in the tradition of franklin roosevelt, who knew that america had nothing to fear but fear itself. [applause] ♪ and it is iney: the tradition of that one and only harry truman, who let them had ve it and told it like it was. [applause]
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hubert humphrey: and that is the way we are going to do it from here on out. [applause] hubert humphrey: and it is in the tradition of that beloved man, adlai stevenson, who talk ed sense to the american people. [applause] hubert humphrey: and tonight, how we miss this great, good, and gentle man of peace in america. [applause] hubert humphrey: and my fellow
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americans, all that we do and all that we ever hope to do must be in the tradition of john f. kennedy, who said to us, who said to us, ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country. [applause] hubert humphrey: and my fellow democrats and fellow americans,
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in that spirit of that great man, let us ask together what we can do for the freedom of man. [applause] hubert humphrey: and what we are doing is in the tradition of lyndon b. johnson, who rallied a grief-stricken nation. [applause] hubert humphrey: who rallied a grief-stricken nation when the our later was stricken by the
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assassin's bullet and said take to you and said to me and said to all of the world, let us continue. of five yearsce since that tragic moment, president johnson has accomplished more of the unfinished business of america than any of his modern predecessors. hubert humphrey: i truly believe that history will surely record the greatness of his contribution to the people of this land. and tonight, to you, mr. president, i say: thank you, thank you, mr. president. [applause]
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♪ hubert humphrey: yes, my fellow we have recognized and we must recognize the end of an era and the beginning of a
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new day. and that new day -- and that new day belongs to the people, to all of the people everywhere in this land of the people, to every man, woman, and child that is a citizen of the republic. within that new day lies nothing less than the promise seen a generation ago by thomas wolfe: "to every man his chance, to every man regardless of his birth, his shining golden opportunity. to every man the right to live and to work and to be himself. and to become whatever thing his manhood and his vision can combine to make him. this is the promise of america." [applause]
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hubert humphrey: yes, a new day is here. across america, throughout the entire world, the forces of emancipation are at work. we hear freedom's rising chorus: "let me live my own life. let me live in peace. let me be free," say the people. [applause] and that cry is heard today in our slums and on our farms and in our cities. it is heard from the old, as well as from the young. it is heard in eastern europe and it is heard in vietnam. and it will be answered by us in how we face the three realities that confront this nation. the first reality is the
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necessity for peace in vietnam and in the world. [applause] hubert humphrey: the second reality is the necessity for peace in our cities and in our nation. [applause] hubert humphrey: and the third reality is the paramount necessity for unity in our country. [applause]
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hubert humphrey: let me speak first then about vietnam. there are differences, of course, serious differences, within our party on this vexing, painful issue of vietnam. and these differences are found even within the ranks of all the democratic presidential candidates. what might i say to my fellow americans that once you have examined the differences, i hope you will also recognize the much larger areas of agreement. [applause] hubert humphrey: let those who believe that our cause in
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vietnam has been right -- or those who believe it has been wrong -- agree here and now: neither vindication nor repudiation will bring peace or be worthy of our country. [applause] hubert humphrey: the question is, not the yesterday's, but the what do we do now? no one knows what the situation in vietnam will be when the next president of the united states takes that oath of office on january 20, 1969. but every heart in america prays that, by then, we shall have reached a cease-fire in all vietnam, and be in serious
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negotiation towards a durable peace. [applause] hubert humphrey: meanwhile, as a citizen, a candidate, and vice president, i pledge to you and to my fellow americans, that i shall do everything within my the limits of my capacity and my ability to aid the negotiations and to bring a prompt end to this war. [applause] ♪ may i remindey: you of the words of a prop het? yes.
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kennedy,ords of john to me and to you and to prosperity -- posterity. [applause] last week, wey: witnessed once again in czechoslovakia the desperate attempt of tyranny to crush out the forces of liberalism by force and brutal power -- to hold back change. but in eastern europe, as elsewhere, the old era will surely end and, there, as here, a new day will dawn. [applause] and to speedey: this day, we must go far beyond where we've been, beyond containment to communication, beyond differences to dialogue,
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beyond fear to hope. we must cross the remaining barriers of suspicion and despair. we must halt the arms race before it halts humanity. [applause] hubert humphrey: and is this, is this a vain hope? is it but a dream? i say the record says no. within the last few years we have made progress. we have negotiated a nuclear test ban treaty. we have laid the groundwork for a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. we have reached agreement on banning weapons in outer space. we have been building patiently stone by stone, each in our own way, the cathedral of peace.
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[applause] and now we must take new initiatives. new initiatives, with prudence and caution, but with perseverance. we must find the way and the thes to control and reduce offensive and defensive nuclear systems. the world cannot hope to nuclear war avoid which one error in judgment, one failure in communication could andash on all humanity destroy all of mankind. [applause] but the search: for peace is not for the timid or the week.
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it must come from a nation of high purpose -- firm, without being belligerent, resolute without being bellicose, strong without being arrogant, and that is the kind of america that will help build the piece of this world. peace of this world. but the task of slowing the arms race, halting the nuclear escalation, there is no more urgent task. if i am elected as your president, i commit myself body, mind, and soul to this task. [applause]
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now, our second reality is the necessity for peace at home. friends -- let's see it as it is. there is trouble in america. but it does not come from a lakh of faith. it comes from the kindling of hope. when the homeless can find a home, they do not give up the search for a better home. ,hen the hopeless find hope they seek higher hopes, and in used theagain in 1964, american people gave us a .andate to awaken america you asked us to get america moving again, and we have and america is on the move. [applause] and we have --:
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we have awakened expectations. andave aroused new voices new voices that must and will be heard. we happens i new hope and millions of men and women and they are inpatient, and rightly to see theirnt now hopes and aspirations fulfilled to read we have raised a new standard of life in our america -- not just for the poor, but for every american, wage earner, businessman, schoolchild, and housewife. a standard by which future progress must be judged. is inst urgent challenge urban america, where most of our people live. one 70% of our people live 2% of arab lands and within 25 more will million join our national family. i ask you tonight.
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where shall they live? how shall they live? what shall be their future? next fourcide the years those questions. the next president of the united states will establish policies not just for our children, but children yet unborn. our task is tremendous and i need your help. [applause] the simplehrey: solution is to lash out against society. but we know and they must know that this is no answer. --ence breeds more violence disorder destroys, and only in order can we build.
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riot makes for ruin. reason makes for solution. any compromisee with the right of every american who is anxious and willing to learn to have a good education. and it is through these rights, the rights of law and order, the rights of life, the rights of liberty, the right to a job, the right to a home in a decent neighborhood, and the right of an education, it is to these life andat i pledge my whatever capacity and ability i have.
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[applause] hubert humphrey: but we cannot be satisfied with merely repairing that which is old. we must also move beyond the enclosures of our traditional cities to create new cities, to restore our present cities, yes, and we must bring prosperity and modern living and opportunity to our rural areas. we must design and open america, opening new opportunities for new americans in open land. i say to this audience, we have invested billions to explore outer space where man may live tomorrow. we must also be willing to invest to develop inner space right here on earth where many may live today. [applause] hubert humphrey: and now that
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third reality. essential if the other two are to be achieved, is the necessity, my fellow american., -- my fellow americans, for unity in our country, for tolerance and forbearance, for holding together as a family. and we must make a great decision: are we to be one nation, or are we to be a nation divided between black and white, between rich and poor, between north and south, between young and old? i take my stand. we are and we must be one nation -- united by liberty and justice for all, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. this is our america.
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there can be no compromise on securing of human rights. if america is to make a crucial judgment of leadership, in this coming election, then let that selection be made without either candidate hedging or equivocating. winning the presidency for me is not worth the price of silence or evasion on the issue of human rights. [applause] hubert humphrey: and winning the presidency, and listen well, winning the presidency is not worth a compact with extremism.
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[applause] hubert humphrey: i choose not simply to run for president. i seek to lead a great nation. and either we achieve true justice in our land or we shall doom ourselves to a terrible exhaustion of body and spirit. i base my entire candidacy on the belief which comes from the very depth of my soul, which comes from basic religious conviction that the american people will stand up, that they will stand up for justice and fair play, and that they will respond to the call of one citizenship, one citizenship open to all for all americans.
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[applause] the americaney: presidency is a great and powerful office, but it is not all powerful. it depends most of all on the will and the faith and the dedication and the wisdom of the american people. [applause] know, asmphrey: and i essentialthere is strength in the american people. and tonight, i call you, i call you, the american people -- not to be of one mind, but to be of one spirit. i call you, the american, not to
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security, false promises and ease, but to a new sense of purpose, a new dedication, and a new commitment. remember those that founded this republic said that in order to secure these inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they pledged their life, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. i submit, my fellow americans, we dared to no less in our time dothis republic -- we dare no less in our time if this republic is to survive. so, i call you forth, i call forth that basic goodness that is there. i call you to risk the hard path of greatness. and i say to america, put aside
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recriminations and dissension. turn away from violence and hatred. believe and what america can do and believe in what america can be, and with the help of that vast, on unfrightened, dedicated majority of americans, i say to our nation tonight -- i am ready to lead our country. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national
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and said anybody can print it. that is one reason that book is so well-known and printed. discussion of anti-mormonism in america, from the 1830's to their current status as a religious minority. >> the latter-day saints are not only a religious minority, but a religious minority that over time has figured in disproportionately visible ways in the debates about religion. >> take a tour of the brigham young museum of paleontology and see the dinosaur skeletons. they talk about how the fossils were gathered from utah and outside states. >> when you can hide the armature and the still supports, the animal looks more alive, in the sense that you get the


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